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Welcome to Guytec Industries, your premier sand and gravel supplier in Central Alberta. With a legacy of nearly 40 years, we take pride in delivering the highest quality glacier sand at honest prices. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or landscaper, we have the products and expertise to meet your specific requirements. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our extensive experience make us the go-to choice for all your sand and gravel needs in Red Deer County. Contact us today and experience the exceptional service and exceptional products that have made us a trusted name in the industry.

Enhance, Construct, Beautify: Our Sand and Gravel Products Do It All

Dive deep into the heart of our sand’s origin. Derived from glaciers, our sand is not just any sand. It’s rich in silica – renowned for its hardness and exceptional blasting capabilities. Whether you’re blasting or building, you’re using nature’s finest.

Sand and Gravel Solutions For Every Purpose

Unlock the potential of your projects with GuyTec Industries, the leading premium sand and gravel supplier. Whether for construction, landscaping, or bespoke applications, our products ensure excellence and durability. Discover the variety of applications of our sand and gravel products.

Sand for Sandblasting (Sand and gravel) - GuyTec Industries


Precision in sandblasting starts with the best materials, and Guytec Industries’ high-quality sandblasting sand stands out. Ideal for various applications, our sandblasting sand offers ultimate control and efficiency. Choose from 25kg paper bags, 3000lb bulk bags, or bulk delivery for your convenience.
Emergency flooding - Sandbag (Sand and Gravel) - GuyTec Industries

Emergency flooding

Guytec Industries offers immediate flood protection with our ready-to-deploy sandbags. Crafted from premium sand and gravel, we ensure your safety with over 1000 sandbags available at a moment’s notice. Reach out for quick, reliable flood defense.
Snow and Ice Traction (Sand and Gravel) - GuyTec Industries

Snow and Ice Traction

For unparalleled winter traction solutions turn to your premium sand and gravel supplier to ensure safety and stability on icy surfaces. Ideal for municipalities, businesses, and homeowners alike, our snow and ice traction products provide reliable footing that keep pathways, driveways, and roads safe during the challenging winter months.
Sandbox (Sand and Gravel) - GuytTec Industries


Choose Guytec Industries for sandboxes that blend safety with imagination. Our play sand allows you to create sandboxes that nurture creative play and discovery in a child-friendly environment. Perfect for homes, schools, and community spaces, our eco-friendly and non-toxic materials promise endless fun and exploration for kids.
Golf Course (Sand and Gravel) - GuyTec Industriespng

Golf Courses

Enhance your golf courses with our premium sand, gravel, and eco-friendly Green Construction Blend. Our materials guarantee smooth playability and stunning, sustainable landscapes. Opt for Guytec Industries to impress with superior aesthetics, consistent surfaces, and a commitment to environmental excellence.
Volley-ball Court (Sand and gravel) - GuyTec Industries

Beach Volleyball courts

We deliver high-quality sand and gravel for the ultimate beach volleyball experience. Our materials ensure a safe, durable, and consistent playing surface, ideal for both competitive and casual play. Trust Guytec Industries, your premium sand and gravel supplier, for a superior beach volleyball court.
Sceptic Field (Sand and Gravel) - GuyTec Industries

Septic fields

Our septic sand and gravel products are engineered to facilitate optimal drainage and filtration in septic systems. Ideal for leach fields, they support the effective treatment of wastewater by preventing clogging and ensuring efficient percolation, contributing to a sustainable and reliable septic system.


Elevate your asphalt projects with our high-quality asphalt sand, ensuring durability, performance, and aesthetics. Our sustainable, precision-graded materials are the cornerstone of exceptional roads, driveways, and parking lots, designed to meet the demands of any construction challenge. Choose Guytec Industries as your sand and gravel supplier for asphalt that combines visual appeal with long-lasting reliability.
Erosion Control and Shoreline Protection (Sand and Gravel) 2 - GuyTec Industries

Erosion control and shoreline protection

Our shoreline protection sand and gravel are specifically designed to combat erosion and stabilize coastal and waterfront areas. These materials provide a natural, durable barrier against wave action and weather conditions, ensuring long-term protection and preservation of shorelines.
Horse arena (Sand and Gravel) - GuyTec Industries

Horse Arenas

Transform your equestrian spaces with our top-quality sand and gravel for superior footing and horse well-being. Our expertly graded materials offer the perfect balance of traction and cushioning, ensuring a safe, dust-controlled environment for every ride. Depend on Guytec Industries for arenas that excel in performance and comfort.
Chicken Grit (Sand and gravel) - GuyTec Industries

Chicken grit

Ensure your chickens’ health and productivity with our premium chicken grit, rich in essential minerals for strong eggshells and optimal digestion. Our safe, long-lasting grit promotes overall flock vitality. Trust Guytec Industries for superior, additive-free chicken grit.
Cattle Bedding (Sand and Gravel) - GuyTec Industries

Cattle Bedding

Our cattle bedding sand offers a comfortable, hygienic solution for livestock. This high-quality, absorbent sand keeps stalls dry and reduces the risk of bacteria growth, promoting the health and well-being of cattle by providing a clean and supportive resting environment.

Our Dedicated Team: Delivering Excellence

For almost four decades, Guytec Industries has been a pillar of excellence, proudly serving Red Deer County. Our unwavering commitment to fulfilling your needs sets us apart, and we take immense pride in exceeding expectations time and again. It’s no surprise that our loyal customers trust us for our reliability, expertise, and friendly approach.

At the heart of our success lies our exceptional team, dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and top-notch quality sand and gravel products for your business. Each member of our team is driven by a passion for personalized attention, ensuring your complete satisfaction with every project we undertake.

Choose Guytec Industries as your sand and gravel supplier, and experience the difference that a dependable, experienced, and efficient team can make. We are your trusted experts, ready to meet your every requirement.

Guytec Industries – Your Reliable Sand & Gravel Supplier in Central Alberta.

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James Francis
James Francis
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Always a pleasure to work and deal with. Used them for years. Thanks Guys
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Roxanne Moore
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Fantastic to deal with everyone is very pleasant and helpful. This would be the second time over the years we have used them for our rock and its always been a great experience.
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Vincent Claeys
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If you're looking for the best sand & gravel supplier in Central Alberta, look no further. Guytec's team is super helpful, professional and reliable.