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Sand Gravel Red Deer
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Red Deer, AB. 403.347.5080, Fax: 403.347.9006
Sand Gravel Red Deer

Q- What's the quality of your sand?
A- It's a glacier sand which is very high in Silica which is known for it's hardness and clean blasting capabilities.

Q- What products do you have for sandblasting?

A- We have Silica sand which comes in 3 different sizes a # 7 which is a 20/40 mesh, a # 4 which is a 40/60 mesh, and a # 2 which is a 60/100 mesh.

Q- What type of washed sands do you have?

A- The types of sands we use are for golf course top dressing and construction for tees, greens and bunkers, we also have concrete, masonary beasch, volleyball, playground, traction and dycking sands, (50 pound bags).

Q - What size of washed aggregates do you have?
A - We carry 1/4" pea , 1/4" minus, 3/8" - 1" Rock, 1" road crush, and 1 1/4 - 4 inch riprap.

Q - Do you deliver?
A- Absoulutley, we will deliver most products, pneumatic bulk loads of sandblasting sand, 25 and 40 kg paper bags on pallets, sand and gravel by tridem end dump, or standard gravel truck loads.

Q - Would you deliver out of province?
A - Yes we can we utilize other trucking companies that have inter-provincial licences.

Q - How much notification do you need for a delivery?
A - We would like preferrably 24 hours notice but can accommidate for emergency services.

Q - What is your method of weighing?
A - We have government inspected weigh scales. One is for mini bulk bags and the other one is a 80 by 10 foot tractor trailer scale.

Sand and Gravel Red Deer   Sand and Gravel Red Deer

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Red Deer, AB. 403.347.5080, Fax: 403.347.9006